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3D Commercial

Title: Na rovinu

I was invited to join this project by Mr. Rebl from My job was to provide the technical part of the project: the team, lighting and a good camera system. The video was to be screened in a special format – two 16:9 TV screens – which is why it was necessary to pay close attention to this technical aspect and create an ideal 3D adaptation friendly for the viewers. My job also included preparing the budget, schedule of the shooting, and phasing of the shots.



My work:



Type: 3D Commercial

Language: Czech

Client: MCDonalds

Additional information

Location: Prague

Team: 22 people (2 production, 1 production asistant, 1 director, 2 camerans, 2 camera asistants, 2 lightning, 2 editors, 1 vfx editor, 1 color grading editor, 1 stylist of actors, 1 stylist of food, 1 makeup artists,  1 sound engineer, 3 actors)

The result: This project was definitely challenging, considering the space and the shots issues. The result was a success and everything went as scheduled.


days of preparation


days of filming


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