Music video

Title: Dým

I was invited to join this project by Martin Smékal, a director, and Viktorie Lörinczová, a production manager. Martin had already made several music videos and I was sure that this project was going to be of high quality. Initially, I was supposed to be a camera assistant, but later got involved in the lighting as well.

This shooting was a great experience. I enjoyed watching a team where everyone knows their place, and perfectly prepared locations. I’m thankful for this beautiful project and for being the part of it.





My work:
Camera asist, gafer


Production: NowHoW studio (nowhow.cz)

Type: Commercial, music video

Language: slovakai

Client: FallGrapp

Additional information

Location: Prague

Team: 21 people (1 production, 1 production asistant, 1 director, 1 camera, 2 camera asistants, 2 lightning, 2 editors,1 director  assistance, 1 vfx editor, 1 color grading editor, 1 stylist, 1 makeup artists,  1 sound engineer, 2 Location guides , 3 actors)

Bonus: Working with animals is very challenging, since they need a lot of training and supervision.


days of preparation


days of filming


days of editation