Adam Ondra

Commercial spot

Title: Czech UP

An excellent mountain climber and Adam Ondra’s friend, Vojtěch Ličko, came to me with this project. It was a one minute spot that was meant to enter EpicTV’s competition. Preparing for the shooting included many things, such as choosing the location, getting together the team, coordinating our schedule with Adam, getting the permission to shoot in Teplické skály and arranging for the facilities. The aerial shots were provided by Eye Eye Production. This was an amazing choice and they helped us make a first-rate video. We shot everything in one attempt due to the limited time we had, which basically meant just one climb with no repeating. Our special thanks belong to Vojtěch Ličko, whose abseil enabled a direct shot of Adam’s climb over this epic rock’s edge. It was the first time anyone had used a drone to aerial shoot Adam Ondra in Teplické skály. Our video successfully entered the competition and ended up winning the 4th prize among 187 videos from 28 countries.





My work:
Idea, Production, Video production, Director, Camera, Propagation and PR


Production: & Vojta Licko

Type: Commercial for EPIC.TV

Language: English

Client: Epic.TV (EPIC.TV)

Additional information

Location:   Teplické Skály – Česká Republika

Our goal: To create a one minute spot that wins among such heavy competition.

Target:   10.000 views on EpicTV adn wins competition

Result: 25.000 views on EPICTV, Winner of category Honorable Mention

Team: 12 people (1 production, 3 cameras, 1 sound engineer, 1 director, 2 assistance, 1 actor, 1 photographer, 2 editors)

Bonus: Jindřich Hudeček, the owner of HUDY Sport, came over to look at the shooting. This guy also happens to be the first person to climb one of these paths 32 years ago.


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day of colorgrading


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