No Wave Back


Title: No Wave Back

It is another unique film project about surfing. The first Bohemian from a land, where there is neither ocean nor sea, try to ride “the Big Wave” in northern Spain.
What all is behind that? Not just hard physical and mental preparation. Moreover, it is necessary to even get into this small community of surfers.

We have made several changes since our previous successful project Choose Your Wave. Means, the general attitude to the project:

The most important is the preparatory part, scenario creation and finding locations. All this is followed by the overall media plan creation (from Instagram, Facebook, PR articles to media interviews). Outputs are closely linked and intertwined with our major partners. So we have expanded our budget. Thanks to the bigger budget, we can pay the entire team to make the attitude to the project more effective.





My work:
Executive Producer, PR projektu, UX developer, Premier Tour


Movie by Martin Smékal

Production: Studio Petrohrad and

Type: documentary, sport

Language: czech, english, spanish

Subtitles: czech, english, spanish


Sponzors: Jagermeister, Corona

Additional information

Assignment: To make a documentary sporting film also for foreign audience

Location: Czech, Spain

Target: European premier tour

Result: Premier Tour, TV – Prima ZOOM, Online –, Festivals all over the world

Team: 19 people (2x production, 1x director, 4x camera, 1x voice, 2x music, 2x assistance,2x photographer, 2x editor, 1x coloring, 1x VFX, 1x social media manager, 1x graphic designer, 1x web creator)

Bonus: The result and Premier Tour will be affected by the arrival of swell and the waves, which will or won′t be rideable.


days of filming


days of subtitling


days of editation


days of sound mix


days of music mix

cca 200

days of PR


days of coloring


days of preparations

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