Stanislav Mayer, a friend of mine and a paragliding pilot, invited me to join the Red Bull X-Alps project. I was really excited and honoured. Taking part in the world’s toughest adventure race and representing our country was really challenging, though. Not only did I edit the videos and managed social media, but also I was a part of the team – which meant cooking, cleaning up, driving, navigating and communicating with the operator as well. It was tough to cope with and sometimes almost unbearable, but it gave me good knowledge of how far I can push my abilities, ego and endurance. This great experience came in the right time for me and I’m thankful for all we went through. Our videos could have been more focused and elaborated, but the main task of the team was to finish the race. Nevertheless, the videos turned out to be better than we had thought. We enabled the viewers to see our feelings, impressions and ups and downs every day.



My work:
Production,Idea,Camera, edit and PR



Type: facebook vlogs, sport

Language: Czech


Additional information

Task: To make twelve short edits of the Redbull X-Alps race, one race day each, while considering  the demands of my other duties in the Czech team.

Our goal: To boost Stanislav Mayer on social media. To get about 400 likes and 2-3 thousands views for every part of the series – with no paid advertising.

The result: We got about a thousand likes on Stanislav Mayer’s Facebook fanpage during the race. Each video got about 17 thousand views.

Location: Austria, Slovinia, Italy, Switzerland, France, Monaco

Team: 3 people (1 producer , 2 cameramans ,  1 director, 1 editor)

Bonus: 100 procent shots just by gopro.

Bonus2: We managed to publish one part a day despite the fact that I was fully occupied with supporting Stanislav Mayer, the adventure athlete.


days of filming


days of editation


day of music mix


days of colorgrading