my name is Stanislav Hruban and I’m a creative producer, surfer and traveller, eager to take on life’s challenges and make the most of them.

What can I do for you?

Our new clients often ask – what do you specialize in?

I became a professional video producer, project manager and publicity manager. Our experience and positive references speak for themselves. My team uses the latest cinematic techniques and marketing strategies.

From small projects (events, weddings, corporate videos) to the big ones (music videos, commercial spots and product videos) – we shoot with enthusiasm, taking on longer projects, such as commercial campaigns, documentaries and films, as well.

Each project has a different impact depending on its size and publicity. We work with a final product – the video. And the truth is – a video with no strategy and audience targeting has no use.

Publicity (web design, social media, creating events, sponsored commercials etc.) is our thing. We choose an individual approach to every project, depending on its current state and the client’s special needs. We don’t say yes to everything – we know how to say no as well. We’re always trying to come up with an ideal solution even at the expense of our profit, because every right decision is worth it.

My journey – how it all began

My journey began when I was a child – when the internet, cellphones and satellite TV were still young.

I studied encyclopedias passionately. Every new piece of knowledge, information or visual perception inspired me to create stories. The stories were never the same and I learnt how to broaden my horizons and boost my creativity. My imagination had no limits and every day was full of exciting adventures.

Unfortunately, the world wasn’t as kind as I had imagined. I didn’t have the courage, information and drive to study creative production when I was younger.

It must have been fate that brought me back to creating – but let’s not jump ahead yet.

I was only 21 when I started my own business. My partners and me were producing plastic tanks, and the world became a place to win maximum profits and happy customers. However, as the time went by, I felt something was missing. My job failed to make me happy. I needed a fresh wind – and I found surfing. I started with this beautiful and extraordinary sport and the change I needed came soon.

I spent a lot of time on the ocean while surfing, which gave me a safe space where I could think. I met many people who inspired me. I adopted a new attitude towards work, life and the time we have. I made room for new information and learnt how to listen. All thanks to surfing. A new and intense feeling emerged: I must pass this beauty on.

I started creating short videos, but I knew I could do more. Then the idea came to mind to make a documentary about surfing – and that was chooseyourwave.

Those times were hard, but I’ve always had a can-do attitude and I know how to fight. I didn’t give up, and thanks to my experience with starting a company in a competitive environment, I succeeded.

We created a beautiful movie thanks to many great and professional people, and other projects kept coming. Our skills grew and we became better at what we did.

The results didn’t keep us waiting. Our hard work has been rewarded and we can finally enjoy using our professional approach to work on amazing projects.

Thank you all! Our job most definitely is our hobby.