Balet vs. Twerk

Commercial spot

Title: Balet vs. Twerk

From ideation towards results. I made an introductory video campaign for modern production of the National Theatre Brno (Ballet vs. twerk) which is followed by a commercial for the opening of the season.The original idea of mixing Ballet and Twerk was based on an crazy idea and well prepared ideas such us  “Let´s shake it” and adding the figure of a cleaner (Milan Zubko) to the commercial gave it zest and attracted more viewers.

Also, we wanted to stir up waters, that is promotion and articles in the media. It was fascinating to watch different opinions on ballet and twerk. This caused long-lasting discussions on the project and increased viewer ratings. In 7 days, it was ideally ready for the video campaign of 2014 season. 





My work:
Idea, Screenplay, Claim, Production, PR



Type: Commercial, Youtube spot, dance

Language: Czech, English

Subtitles: Czech, English

Client: The National Theatre Brno (Partner of the project – Kare Design)

Additional information

Assignment: To make a video campaign of modern ballet performances. To revive ballet. To raise public awareness of ballet and prepare it for the video campaign of the modern season.

Location: Brno – Mahenovo Theatre

Target: 10.000 views

Results: 125,000 views in the first week, currently 1,500,000 views

Team: 19 people (2 production, 2 cameras, 1 choreography, 1 sound engineer, 3 lightning, 1 director, 1 assistance, 2 dancers, 1 actor, 1 photographer, 1 BTS camera, 2 editors)

Bonus: Brazil – Só Bailarinos 3,2 milion views in 3 days

Bonus2: Perfect choreography, Ballet vs. Twerk, was made by Katerina Novackova


days of preparation


days of colorgrading


days of filming


days of editation


days of music mix