Where Is My Bike

Motion Ad

Title: Where Is My Bike

This video was made to help presenting a product at a trade fair in Germany. I consulted the project with the client and, after a careful consideration, suggested creating a motion video. Not choosing a live action video had helped us save both time and money. That way, we could invest in a more visually challenging concept, which we also used when analyzing the website and the logo. An animated motion video best served our purpose. We had an amazing team which did a great job creating a witty story, graphic drafts and visual effects. Thanks to their excellent management we finished ahead of schedule, which gave us time to create other versions in Czech and French.





My work:
Produkce, Idea, Storyboard


Production: Stanislavhruban.com

Type: Commercial, Motion spot

Language: Czech, English,Franch

Client: Wimb

Additional information

Our goal: To create a one-minute video that introduces the product in a smart and funny way.

Bonus: The client came to us only a month before the fair took place. Thanks to our great management, we not only finished in time, but also made two other versions of the video. The product drew attention at the fair and our spot helped opening new doors for the brand, especially in Belgium.

Location: Studio Brno

Goal:   Made it in three weeks:)

Result:   On time!

Team: 8 people (1 production, 1 graphic designer, 1 vfx creator, 1 sound engineer, 3 voices, 1 editor)


days of preparation


das of sound mixing


days of graphics


days of dabing


days of VSX


days of editation