Jakub ”THE HEZOUN” Dohnal


Title: Jakub ''THE HEZOUN'' Dohnal

Jakub Dohnal, a young MMA fighter, has already fought more than 210 matches in different styles and won about 90 per cent of these. This European Sanda vice-champion represents the Czech Republic in HtH. I created a concept based on his visual and fighting abilities, while also considering his need to shock and attract attention. We decided, slightly jokingly, to style Jakub as an unbeatable playboy who’s hard to get. We’re curious to see how it works out and if the MMA fans accept our game. By now we made some presentation materials – video, photos, website – and we are eager to start the show.



My work:
Branding, Idea Production, Camera, edit and PR, UX developer


Production: Stanislavhruban.com

Type: personal branding, sport

Language: Czech,English

Client: www.jakubdohnal.com

Sponzors: In search, in progress

Additional information

Our goal: To create a young fighter’s portfolio. To present him, attract sponsors and help him get to the peak – both in the media and in the sport.

The plan: To create Jakub’s personal branding.

Location: Czech Republic, Brazil, USA

Team: 9 people (1 producer, director, branding manager, 2 cameramans, 1 sound guy, 1 voice creator,  1 photographer, 2 editors, 1 model, 1 sparing partner)

Bonus: 100 procent shots just by gopro.


days of preparation


den mix hudby


days of branding


days of filming


days of colorgrading


days of webdesign


days of editation


days of music mix