Noire Fashion

Commercial spot

Title: Noire Fashion

The Noire Fashion project uniquely links a fashion product and a mobile app. Noire Fashion sells handbags connected to an app, which makes them impossible to fake. The unique handbag–app connection met with great acclaim. Each handbag has its own special code that enables you to follow the bag’s owner and get inspired by her outfits. This option offers fashion advice for ladies who feel a bit lost in their wardrobe. You can create your own profile and inspire others as well. Our video captures this complicated process in one minute. The app is being continuously developed and brings new and new possibilities, which is why we’ll continue creating new video presentations as well.





My work:
Idea, Production, PR, Consulting


Production: &

Type: Commercial, Youtube spot

Language: Czech, English

Client: The Noire Fashion

Additional information

Bonus 1: The weather and the sunset play a crucial role in this video. Good location and good weather are both an important factor.

Bonus 2: Noire Fashion handbags are booming in the Czech environment. The project started just five months ago and it is already expanding abroad.

Location: Prague

Target: Made a great commercional spot and show how the app work 🙂

Results: 12.000 in few days and 2,500 users in three months.

Team: 16 people (1 production, 2 cameras, 3 models, 1 sound engineer, 1 asistent of  camera, 1 director, 1 assistance,1 movi operator, 1 stylist, 1 photographer, 1 makeup artist, 1 editors and 1 VFX)


days of preparation


day of colorgrading


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