Project realization from the original idea (preparation, ideation and preproduction), over realization of projects (videoproduction, postproduction) up to its presentation to the public (analysis, promotion, PR, website, social media)

Video production

We make almost everything. From short spots, over product videos, company presentation spots and personal profiles, to TV commercials, video clips, films and documentaries.


Creating brand awareness. By creating something for yourself, your company or brand, you are also showing your attitude and character to the public. That is why branding is the main component which roofs the whole project and from which the following steps derive.


The basics for success of each project is good quality preparation (to have strengths for the whole match). During preparation it´s necessary to analyse and create an ideal, creative idea and attitude.


From ideation towards results. It´s great that new ideas in the head flow as fast as rivers in the Himalayas. However, more important is to be able to choose and use the best one - the one that brings results.


I love my studio work. A place where you´re making a masterpiece out of a raw product. Editing, music and sound making, colorating, sound effects, VFX effects, 3D modelling and virtual models. All these fragments together with a agood idea and hours of hard work always surpass the first expectations.

Ux Development

Creating websites. We combine functionality of the website with its visual form. Mainly it´ s about the direction for visitors from the very first moments with a project to the final part - have enthusiasm and interest (to become your customer).

Promotion and analysis

Even the best project needs to be publicized. Video campaigns on social networks, PR articles, specialized articles, commercials, trade-fairs, guerilla promotion etc. Those are great words but it´s more important to analyse the surroundings for which I am creating my project. Not only before initiating it but also during the process and after having finished the realization.

Designing a project

You have a great project but no team and finances? Come around for a cup of coffee and we can discuss it face to face. If we don´t find the way, at least I can tell you how I started. I know what it´s like to have and idea but no map.

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