Commercial spot

Title: Gatema

Gatema company asked us to bring their IT world of numbers and data closer to their customers through the video in an attractive way. After consulting, we came to the conclusion, that they needed a video, that would present their products and bring closer their company attitude. And finally the video was created on the base of a successful client – a successful reference, that always adds the value to offered services. Company Gatema is really appreciated by its customers in terms of attitude, care and unpretentious service 24/7.


In postproduction we tuned the video to be funny and action. We added both visual and audio effects, which are accompanied by infographics and voice over, that introduces and ends the video.

Please have a look and judge by yourself. For us it was a great cooperation with the great client.





My work:
Idea, Creativity, Production



Type:  commercial Spot

Language: czech

Client:  KOSTKA – kolobka, s.r.o

Additional Information

Assigment: To make videopresentation – Gatema company presentation

Location: Boskovice

Target: To make advertising spot, which describes and presents Gatema company

Result: Facebook channel and Youtube video

Team: 9 people (1x production, 2x camera, 1x sound creator, 1x director, 1x editor, 1x movie operator, 1x VFX editor, 1x video coloring, 1x voice over)

Bonus: Important aspect – the preparatory part

Bonus 2: Very willing and satisfied customer of Gatema Company LD seating, s.r.o.


days of preparation


days of coloring


days of sound mix


days of shooting


days of editation