Martina Ptáčková


Title: Martina Ptáčková

Martina Ptáčková is a young ambitious boxer and kickboxer, four-time world champion, three-time vice-champion, and a reigning Czech champion. She succeeded in many other competitions, such as the European Championship (winning both silver and bronze medal twice). The peak of her career was winning the World Cup in Innsbruck, Austria, and winning the European Cup in Warsaw. She also won the third prize in the World Cup.

Martina is actively engaged in volunteer work, focusing mainly on human rights issues, and strongly believes that every help counts. Apart from that, she works for Tomáš Zdechovský, the MEP, and for the Ministry of Regional Development. She manages to coordinate all these activities with her university studies. Although the multiple interests naturally affect her training schedule, they have proved to be very good for her personal development.

Our goal: To create a documentary or a series about this ambitious boxer and her way up to the Olympics.



My work:
Idea, Production, videoproduciton, Propagation and PR, Ux develompent, Project



Type: Documentary, Sport movie

Language: Czech, English, German

Subtitules: Czech, English, German

Additional information

Locacion: Czech Republic, Thailand, Germany, Japan

Results: Premier Tour Czech Republic, TV, Festivals

Team: 28 people (2 production, 1 director, 3 camera, 1 sound engineer, 2 music creators, 1 photographer, 2 editors,1 1 vfx editor, 1 color grading editor)